Digital Marketing Career Track

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We've partnered with and you'll get $10,000 to spend on AdWords for a real non-profit!

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Digital Marketing Career Track
Real-life projects

Apply your learnings to real business cases

Career support

Get prepped to land your dream job

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We're with you every step of the way, from day one and onwards.

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    Personal mentor

    Your industry insider
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    Student advisor

    Your accountability friend
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    Student community

    Your support network
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    Career coach

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Your path to becoming a full stack marketer

  • Learn with a community

    Regular video calls with your mentor, a talented peer community network, and conversations that’ll get your wheels turning.

  • Build your stack

    Master SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, and more through real-world projects designed by industry experts.

  • Personalized career coaching

    Meet 1-on-1 with your own marketing career coach and create a custom plan for starting or advancing your career.

  • Be interview-ready

    Get invaluable tips from our experts as they review your resume and portfolio, then master the art of the interview through mock sessions.

  • Access to our network

    You’ll get exclusive access to a network of hiring professionals ready to help you start or advance your marketing career.

  • Get a job

    With help from your mentor, career coach, and our hiring partners, you’ll get a foot in the door most work years for.

Vetted by industry experts

Springboard's Digital Marketing Career Track curates the best content available from digital marketers like me. Their mentor-led curriculum is a great option for anyone looking to begin a career in digital marketing!
Neil Patel
Kissmetrics founder, consultant, speaker
We built this curriculum with input from hiring managers and senior practitioners across the marketing industry. With it, you’ll get a foot in the door and accelerate your digital marketing career to new heights.
Jon Bishop
Former Director of Growth at Heap

What you'll learn in this digital marketing bootcamp

You’re already creative. You’ll learn the digital skills and analytical mindset you need to grow revenue through online channels.

By the end of the course, you'll:

Learn to think like a digital marketer and apply an experiment-based approach to any marketing problem

Use specialized digital marketing tactics like content marketing and display advertising with confidence

Make data-driven marketing decisions and drive web traffic where it matters most

Ace the digital marketing interview and start your career in this lucrative new field

online marketing course

More than just a marketing bootcamp

You'll join an engaged, global community of digital marketers

internet marketing course
Build an industry-ready portfolio

Work on real-life projects that test your skills, all culminating in a professional-quality capstone project you can display on your resume and LinkedIn profile to boost your personal brand.

internet marketing course
Stay on track with 1:1 mentorship

Each week, you'll have 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time with your personal mentor, an expert digital marketer. Get feedback on your work, or ask any questions you might have about digital marketing—you'll get their personalized attention.

internet marketing course
Expand your network

Interact with classmates and alumni in our private community. Attend weekly office hours for career advice. Use our career services to gain exclusive relationships with hiring managers.

internet marketing course
Drive results—and meaningful change

Use $10,000 of real Google ad funding to help grow a nonprofit. Build your portfolio and skills while helping affect positive change.

All the human support you need

We’ll be there to support you at every step of the way. Here’s how:


1-to-1 mentorship from an expert digital marketer

Each week, as you progress through the curriculum and your projects, you'll meet 1-on-1 with your mentor. Ask them questions about course materials, get feedback on projects, or ask for career advice--the time is yours.


Student advisor and community managers

Your advisor will be there to support you, with tips on everything from time management to navigating the course. Stuck? Our community managers are there to help you work through the course. Think of them as your own personal support team.


Job support from personal career coach

You'll meet 1-on-1 with your dedicated career support coach throughout your learning experience and they'll share personalized, career-advancing tips and advice at strategic points throughout the course.

Your career coach will help you get your perfect job

Career Walkthrough from Springboard

Janet Matta, Lead Career Coach at Springboard

Meet a few of our mentors

Curriculum - what you'll learn

Our world-class online curriculum contains the best digital marketing resources created by our team of digital marketing experts and hand-picked from the web. We structure everything into a logical sequence so you can learn what's most important all in one place.

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Get a detailed course syllabus in e-mail:

A message from the course creator

Meet Geoff Roberts

Geoff Roberts, Co-founder and Head of Growth, Outseta

Springboard graduates work for amazing companies

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Your own mentor

With your weekly mentor call, you’ll get to

online marketing course mentor
Learn from the best

Your mentor has years of experience and will share valuable industry insights.

online marketing course mentor
Set your own agenda

Discuss deliverables, topics you are interested in, or career steps.

online marketing course mentor
Get inspired

Our students love being inspired and motivated by their mentors.

Build your marketing career

Digital marketing jobs pay almost twice as much as similar roles in adjacent industries

Source: Glassdoor
Digital Marketing Manager
Public Relations Specialist

Your future job

Here are some examples of jobs you could apply to after completing the Digital Marketing Career Track.

Digital Marketing Specialist

In this role you will:

  • Create and manage mobile user acquisition campaigns, monitor performance and adjust spend accordingly
  • Track and report on campaign performance data
  • Grow Hopper’s social media presence
  • Generate millions of installs of our app
  • Meaningfully grow in-app revenue


  • Excellent track record of driving growth (we are talking scaling by orders of magnitude) and meaningful engagement
  • Experience managing paid spend campaigns on social media (especially Facebook)
  • Considerable knowledge of analytics tracking tools including MixPanel and Google Analytics
  • Past success with analyzing data, drawing accurate conclusions and adjusting strategy accordingly
  • Penchant for data-driven decisions, ability to adapt to new or changing direction based on user feedback and market demands
  • A great mix of creative and analytical thinking

Digital Marketing Manager

This is a unique opportunity to play a highly visible role in an exciting, industry-leading technology business.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop detailed digital campaign project plans, including campaign goals, messaging, call to action, marketing distribution channels, and schedule.
  • Oversee concept and develop creative for campaign materials.
  • Forecast, track, and report campaign effectiveness metrics as well as overall ROI to internal stakeholders. Plus, continually monitor, analyze and tune campaigns to maximize conversions.
  • Work closely with Marketing Operations, Design, and Web teams to meet deadlines and execute campaign to your specifications.
  • Drive projects that improve digital support-related processes and workflows.
  • Develop, strategies, best practices, and templates to deliver tangible digital campaign improvements.
From collaborating on the digital experience, to post reporting and documentation, you will have the ability to influence one of the first interactions with customers via the digital channel.

Digital Marketing Specialist


  • Execute digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including: paid social, SEM, onsite modules, in-app, and others
  • Collaborate with design, product, newsroom, and engineering to launch successful campaigns
  • Monitor campaign performance and make live edits
  • Supply digital subscription team with reports from channel analytics and in-house data systems
  • Provide competitor analysis/research


  • Bachelor degree in marketing, journalism, or related field
  • 2+ years of digital marketing experience
  • Extensive knowledge of and interest in digital apps and mobile sites
  • Familiar with multi-channel campaign execution (email, social, SEM, and additional channels)
  • Experience with marketing software, data systems, and reporting tools

What hiring managers think about our program

Meet Jai Singh, a hiring manager

Jai Singh, head of Growth/Marketing @Peerspace

Is this course right for me?

Who is the Digital Marketing Career Track for?

People with writing and analytical skills who want to start or advance digital marketing careers with essential skills, mentorship, and real-world experience.

Do I need prior experience?

Not necessarily! Most students in the course will be fluent English writers and have an understanding of high-school level statistics.

Not sure if your background is a fit?

Our Admission Managers are here to help—just email us at


The next cohort starts:

Nov 4, 2019

Next Application date will be coming soon

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The Digital Marketing Career Track is a 6-month program. We estimate the total effort required at ~200+ hours. Most students devote 8-10 hours/week to complete the course in 6 months.

Start Application

It is free to apply and takes only 10-15 minutes.


Did you know that your employer might cover your course fees? Want materials to share with your manager or HR? Send us a note at

Upfront Pay upfront to complete in 6 months

Paid at the time of enrollment $2,399

Total cost $2,399

Month to month Pay as you go, only for the months you need
$499 /mo

Paid at the time of enrollment $499

Monthly payments during course $499

Total cost Variable (up to $2,994)

Pay with Affirm Finance your education with low monthly payments
starts at $156 */mo

As low as 0% APR


Loan amount $2,394

* Total cost varies based on approved interest rate

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the course is $499/month. Pay as you go, only for the months you’re enrolled!

We also offer a financing option with Affirm for eligible students.

Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents. If approved, you can pay as little as $145 a month.
There are three payment options:
  • Monthly Plan: You pay $499 per month, only for the month's you're enrolled (most students complete within 6 months).
  • Upfront payment: You pay $2,399 upfront for 6 months. This is a 20% discount on the monthly plan.
  • Affirm loan: Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents. If approved, you can pay as little as $145 a month.
Your tuition includes:
  • 200+ hour curriculum of technical and career materials curated by industry experts.
  • Weekly 1-1 video calls with your personal mentor.
  • Access to an exclusive community of mentors, career coaches, and peers.
  • Dedicated community managers to answer questions and give feedback on projects within a day.
  • Personalized feedback to help you polish your resume, portfolio, and social profiles.
  • 1-on-1 sessions with a digital marketing career coach to personalize your pitch and job-search strategy.
  • Interview practice via 1-on-1 mock interviews (behavioral and technical).
  • Exclusive access to our employer network.
  • All taxes and fees. There will be no additional costs! 
The Digital Marketing Career Track is ~200+ hours of learning. Most students complete the course in 6 months, devoting 8-10 hours/week. Some students finish more quickly, if able to dedicate more time to coursework each week. Keep in mind, these timeframes are variable depending on how much experience you already may have when entering the program and your comfort level in the material.
Yes, you heard us right! We’ve partnered with Google to give you an opportunity to directly develop and execute a paid advertising marketing campaign for one of their supported nonprofits using Google Adwords. You’ll get to work with some serious money - $10,000 USD - while helping a non-profit have a more successful online presence.

Managing a real budget is one of the best ways to showcase your value to future employers. You help others, while getting real world experience. Not only will this project make you stand out from the rest, the experience you gain will be invaluable the next time you have to set up an AdWords campaign.
The Digital Marketing Career Track’s hands-on pedagogy and 1:1 support not only gets you a job more quickly, it ensures you'll have impact right away in the job that you land.

Here's how:
  • $$$ — You’ll get real dollars to spend on ad buys to test (and show) your skills.
  • You’ll build a legit portfolio demonstrating your experience in marketing a single product from beginning to end using various channels and strategies––proving you have the technical chops to excel in the role.
  • At the end of the course, you'll also complete 1 capstone project where you define a new digital marketing strategy for an established company or product to showcase your ability to extend frameworks of thinking to complex marketing challenges. That can be pitching a proposal to a target company, running a paid advertising campaign for a Google-supported nonprofit, or executing on a branding campaign for your own business.
  • You’ll get ready to earn industry-recognized Google Adwords, Google Analytics for Beginners, and Facebook Ads certifications—resume-builders that’ll set you apart from other professionals.
We work with industry experts to determine the most relevant digital marketing topics, and find the best resources on each topic (e.g. videos, tutorials, and lectures).

Note that many of the videos and resources in the curriculum are not created in-house by us. Instead, we find and curate the best resources available on the subject. Think of us as a college professor who creates a syllabus by combining the best textbook chapters, articles, papers, and projects (instead of teaching from only their own textbook).

We believe that the curated curriculum is our unique strength. By standing on the shoulders of giants, we’re able to update the curriculum frequently, and always teach the latest tools and technologies.
You’ll have support from:
  • Your mentor: A digital marketing professional will provide weekly 1:1 guidance and accountability in a 30-minute call.
  • Community teaching assistants: Dedicated help any time you’re stuck, and available to offer detailed feedback on each project.
  • Career coaches: Your career coach will help with resume reviews, mock interviews, job search strategy etc.
  • Springboard student advisors: Our advisors will answer questions, discuss goals, and provide tips and support on any aspect of the program.
  • And finally, your classmates: You can connect to form study groups, get feedback, and work on projects together! We have an active online community that you’ll receive lifetime access to.
We will provide a certificate of completion to all students who complete the course and receive mentor approval on their final project(s). You can display your certificate on LinkedIn via our integration, or add to your resume.
Also of huge value is the Google and Facebook certifications that are integrated into the curriculum. These industry recognized certifications are an excellent way to differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
Getting certified is not required, but we highly recommend that you do. By the time you finish the course, you will have the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively leverage digital channels for almost any type of business.
All of our programs are entirely online. Location is no obstacle to your professional development. All you need is an internet connection.
To ensure a successful learning experience, you must be proficient in spoken and written English. You should also hold a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from any educational institution in any subject. Most employers still require a Bachelor's degree for these roles.

Note: A successful Digital Marketer has a quantitative and analytical aptitude, is comfortable writing customer-facing copy, is an active user of digital technologies, and displays ambition and the ability to learn new skills quickly. Experience with code is not necessary.

Still not sure if you’re a right fit? Contact our Admissions Manager Nicole at
Spots are limited and we accept applications on a rolling basis. The first step involves a 20-minute questionnaire to learn about your prior educational, work, and skills experience. Based on your responses, we might ask for additional information -- e.g. a brief phone interview -- just to make sure the Digital Marketing Career Track is a good fit for you.
Our Admissions Managers can help you decide if the Digital Marketing Career Track is the right class for you.

Reach out at

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