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Springboard's new ux design course

Learn by Doing With Our New UX Design Course

2 minute read | March 14, 2019
T.J. DeGroat

Written by:
T.J. DeGroat

Ready to launch your career?

UX design is a constantly evolving field that must keep pace with rapidly advancing technology. With that in mind, we’re always looking to improve our UX design students’ Springboard experience.

Recently, we compiled deep industry research, combined it with thoughtful feedback from our students and mentors, and created a completely new UI/UX Design Bootcamp.

This hands-on bootcamp was designed to teach the foundations of UX design, with the belief that showing is better than telling and that the best way to learn is by doing.

In this new course, you will:

Learn: essential UX skills, like design thinking, user research, and empathy mapping, along with the most important tools, including Sketch and InVision.

Learn essential UX skills

See: top-notch case study examples with expert annotations so you understand best practices as you move from theory to practice.

See top-notch case study examples

Do: mini-projects (throughout the entire course) that culminate in a portfolio-worthy capstone project that showcases your UX skills.

Do mini-projects

Our curriculum was thoughtfully created by our in-house instructional designers with input from our mentors, and UX influencers like Christine from chunbuns (an Instacart product designer) and Alexa from Hello, I’m Alexa (a Zendesk product designer). It’s a thoroughly 2019 course.

Expert-guided curriculum

While other programs range from just a few hours to a few weeks in duration, ours takes students an average of three months to complete, providing a comprehensive overview of UX.

Here’s how else we compare to the other foundational UX programs:

How Springboard compares

As with all of our programs, UX Design Course students enjoy one-on-one guidance from their own industry mentor, support from our student advisors, and access to an active community of fellow students all working toward reaching their goals.

Interested? Join us!

Since you’re here…
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