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All About Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

All About Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

3 minute read | December 27, 2023
Sakshi Gupta

Written by:
Sakshi Gupta & reviewed by Akita Emmanuel

Sakshi Gupta

Reviewed by:
Akita Emmanuel

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to upskill, a coding bootcamp can be a great way to accelerate your career in tech. Coding bootcamps can give you immediate skills for in-demand jobs and also require less time and money than a traditional college program. 

But even though bootcamps are the more affordable route, they aren’t completely free, and it’s still possible to accrue thousands of dollars in debt from a bootcamp education. Thankfully, there are scholarships that give students the opportunity to complete a bootcamp at a reduced price. We’ve outlined some of the most promising scholarships below.

Scholarships for Coding Bootcamps

School is expensive! Fortunately, there are many coding bootcamp scholarships available to students. While a few scholarships are not attached to specific programs, most are associated with a particular bootcamp. The eligibility requirements differ for each scholarship, as does the award amount—this varies from $250 to full tuition coverage, depending on the bootcamp and the scholarship.

Springboard ScholarshipsVaries by programSpringboard offers various scholarships with contingent eligibility conditions. For example, the Career Reboot scholarship requires proof of prior full-time employment and termination of that position after September 1, 2022.
Code Platoon ScholarshipsVeteransPlatoon offers various scholarships to veterans and military spouses enrolling in their programs.
Flatiron School Access ScholarshipWomen and other underrepresented studentsFlatiron School offers scholarships to increase access for women and other underrepresented folks in tech.
We Stand Together ScholarshipBlack or African-American studentshe Galvanize Foundation offers scholarships to Black or African-American students enrolling in their Hack Reactor coding bootcamp.
Turing BIPOC & Inclusion ScholarshipsUnderrepresented studentsStudents belonging to underrepresented groups in tech who have been accepted into the Turing School can apply for their diversity and inclusion scholarships.
Digitalcrafts Builder ScholarshipUnderrepresented studentsStudents from underrepresented groups in tech who enroll in a Digitalcrafts program can apply for these scholarships.

Additional Scholarships and Other Financial Options

Although most coding bootcamp scholarships are associated with a specific school, there are a few funding options that allow students to apply to multiple bootcamps. However, before choosing one of these programs, students should research them carefully to verify the eligibility requirements. 

Here are two examples of scholarship programs that can work with multiple schools:

Another resource to look into is Course Report, a site created specifically for researching bootcamps. Their scholarships range from $50 to $5,000 and can be applied to an extensive array of schools and bootcamps.

Veterans can also use their GI Bill benefits for many coding bootcamps. The Department of Veterans Affairs compiles a list of approved coding schools, including online, hybrid, and campus-based coding bootcamps.

Students also have the option of applying for personal loans to pay for their coding bootcamp tuition. Although many lending institutions will service these types of loans, some, like Ascent and Climb, have been expressly set up to work with bootcamp training programs.

Springboard Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

The key to success at a coding bootcamp is to select a school with the highest quality training, career guidance, and job placement assistance, which also features various scholarship programs. Springboard excels at each of these services to offer our students the best help possible to start their new careers. Since 2016, Springboard has provided students with over $3M in scholarships, and is committed to securing another $10 million by 2030. 

Some of Springboard’s scholarships currently include:

  • Women in Technology Scholarship. This scholarship is for students who self-identify as female and have applied to our data, engineering, cybersecurity, or tech sales career tracks.
  • Diversity in Tech Scholarship. This scholarship is available to any career track program for students who identify as Black or African-American, Hispanic or Latinx, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaska Native, Middle Eastern, a member of the LGBTQI+ community, veteran or member of the US military, person with disabilities, or refugee.
  • Needs-Based Scholarship. This scholarship is for students in our career track programs with a total annual household income under $30,000. Students can also combine the Needs-Based scholarship with the Women in Tech or Diversity in Tech scholarships.
  • Career Reboot Scholarship. This is a new scholarship program offered by Springboard to support the tech community through the post-pandemic economic downturn and widespread layoffs. Funding is available to students in any of Springboard’s career track programs who can show proof of termination from employment with a US-based technology company after September 1st, 2022.

Applying for any of Springboard’s scholarship programs is done directly through the application form. In your online course application form, follow the prompts for the scholarship program you want and answer the related questions to gauge your eligibility.

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