Machine learning interview questions are an integral part of the data science interview and the path to becoming a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or data engineer. Springboard created a free guide to data science interviews, so we know exactly how they can trip up candidates! In order to help resolve that, here is a curated and […]

Building a Neural Network in Python I’m Jose Portilla and I teach thousands of students on Udemy about Data Science and Programming and I also conduct in-person programming and data science training, for more info you can reach me at training AT The code and data for this tutorial is at Springboard’s blog tutorials repository, […]

Chatbots are evolving at an accelerated pace, and there’s a pretty good chance that we have all interacted with an artificially intelligent chatbot at least once. In recent years, chatbots have started to play a more prominent role in enterprise operations across industries. Today, chatbots can be integrated into apps, social media platforms, and websites […]

When you decide that you want to learn machine learning (ML), the first challenge is simply figuring out where to start. This form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is a deep and complex field that continues to develop at a rapid pace. This can make it daunting for those who aspire to study machine learning. […]

Modern AI is an umbrella term encompassing several different forms of learning. The main buckets are machine learning and deep learning. But there’s overlap with broader data science as well. Let’s explore AI vs. machine learning vs. deep learning (vs. data science). This is an excerpt of Springboard’s free guide to AI / machine learning […]

So, you want to become a machine learning master? The good news is that there are countless tutorials and helpful reference guides all over the internet, ripe for perusal. But with the sheer amount of content to sift through, you’re bound to find a few bad apples. Instead of going through every AI video tutorial out […]

Logistic Regression Explained Logistic regression is a pretty simple—yet very powerful—algorithm used in data science and machine learning. It is a statistical algorithm that classifies data by considering outcome variables on extreme ends and creates a logarithmic line to distinguish between them. In the typical case, you’re trying to decide for a given data point whether […]

Mihir Gandhi, a former GM for Lyft and current vice president of customer and operations for eightfold, chats with our own Siya Raj Purohit about building models to solve for driver productivity and payment incentives—and about the future of driverless cars. The full video is below, but here are some of the highlights. Mihir: I […]