Machine learning interview questions are an integral part of the data science interview and the path to becoming a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or data engineer. Springboard has created a free guide to data science interviews, where we learned exactly how these interviews are designed to trip up candidates! In this blog, we have […]

I’m Jose Portilla and I teach thousands of students on Udemy about Data Science and Programming and I also conduct in-person programming and data science training, for more info you can reach me at training AT The code and data for this tutorial are at Springboard’s blog tutorials repository, if you want to follow along. […]

If you wanted to sum up racial bias in AI algorithms in one iconic moment, just take a few seconds of footage from the Netflix documentary Coded Bias. Minutes into the film, MIT researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that the facial recognition software she installed on her computer wouldn’t recognize her dark-skinned face until she put […]

Machine learning engineering is an increasingly in-demand profession—as a growing number of companies look to ML algorithms and artificial intelligence to streamline and improve their businesses, more and more opportunities have opened up to those with backgrounds in machine learning, natural language processing, and data science. But it’s also a highly competitive profession. Most machine […]

Python programmers and developers are in high and growing demand. If you have the right skills, you can land a job in this exciting profession in 2021.  Python is used in many different programming scenarios, from games to web applications. It’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Netflix, PayPal, and […]

Thinking about changing your career path? You’re not alone. Nearly half of all American workers have shifted their professional lives dramatically, sometimes more than once. Did you know that the average person has more than 12 jobs in their lifetime?  ‌Many people make major career shifts because they lack job satisfaction. Others want more stability, […]

Machine learning engineering is currently one of the most in-demand professions across sectors ranging from tech to entertainment, finance, healthcare, and government. But what do ML engineers actually do? How do they differ from data scientists and software engineers? And what are the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of someone working with machine learning and artificial […]

Springboard mentor Chirag Mahapatra started his career as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs before taking the leap into data science and machine learning engineering, where he worked at Amazon, Trooly, and eventually Airbnb. In this blog, Mahapatra shares insights into what hiring managers often look for in machine learning engineers and tips on how […]