Machine learning interview questions are an integral part of the data science interview and the path to becoming a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or data engineer. Springboard created a free guide to data science interviews, so we know exactly how they can trip up candidates! In order to help resolve that, here is a curated and […]

Building a Neural Network in Python I’m Jose Portilla and I teach thousands of students on Udemy about Data Science and Programming and I also conduct in-person programming and data science training, for more info you can reach me at training AT The code and data for this tutorial is at Springboard’s blog tutorials repository, […]

Over the past decade, rapid advancements have made it possible for AI systems to do things we once only dreamed about. However, much of the hype around AI and machine learning tends to focus on its potential for business, productivity, and profits. Perhaps there should be more spotlight on how we can use AI for […]

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown from a pipe dream into the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution. If you browse through the world’s leading job boards, you’ll find that it’s at the heart of some of the most in-demand tech careers today. “Everyone’s trying to figure out ways to optimize […]

Course Report recently spoke to AI / Machine Learning Career Track mentor Srdjan Santic about his background in self-learning, his career in data science, and his passion for teaching the next generation of technologists. Here’s part of that conversation.   What is your background and how did you get into machine learning and AI? I first got […]

Diana Xie had just earned a master’s degree in neuroscience from an Ivy League university and was on the Ph.D. track when she decided that she wanted to change careers. Although her thesis topic was not related to data science, she found herself picking up skills like data wrangling, visualizations, and presentations. She realized she […]

One of the best ways to get a foothold in any industry is by doing an internship. This is especially true in the fast-moving tech space. A machine learning internship will give you the chance to learn directly from machine learning engineers, which gives you valuable practical experience and also helps establish a strong professional […]

Everybody and their neighbor (plus their neighbor’s dog) is buzzing about artificial intelligence today. It’s tempting to roll your eyes at the speed of this hype train. But, you have to admit: there’s a lot to it. We are coming very far very fast in terms of how AI can transform our personal and working lives. […]

Every industry is now a target for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data disruption. Although tech behemoths like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon invest the most in it, AI is becoming a critical part of all digital transformation efforts, as companies collect and analyze more customer and operational data. Related: 6 AI Developments to Follow in […]

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has inspired more software engineers, data scientists, and other professionals to explore the possibility of a career in machine learning. However, some newcomers tend to focus too much on theory and not enough on practical application. If you’re going to succeed, you need to start building machine learning projects […]