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50 of the Best Data Science Blogs

10 minute read | March 8, 2017
Manu Jeevan

Written by:
Manu Jeevan

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Top 50 Data Science Blogs

When you work in an industry that can change overnight, you need to be on top of your game.

Data Science is one of the most dynamic industries today. The key to success in this field is to recognize and respect that it is an ever-morphing one, and you need to be up to speed at all times.

One of the most important resources for any budding data scientist is the vast selection of top-quality data science blogs online. However, knowing where to begin is tricky.

There is no ‘one-stop-solution’ available, which is why we have combed through the best data science blogs in every major category to give you an ‘all-you-need-to-know’ list. Enjoy!

  1. KDnuggets 

KDnuggets is one of the most popular data science blogs, with articles that cover Business Analytics, Statistics, and Machine Learning. The site is run by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, a leading expert in the industry.  

  1. Data Science Central

Data Science Central is an online resource for big data and data science content. Several experts in data science republish and write unique articles for it. There is also a forum on the website, where you can ask questions about any topic related to data science. Among the data science blogs here, Data Science Central has some of the strongest social media channels under its ownership.

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  1. Revolution Analytics 

This is the official blog of Revolution Analytics, dedicated to news and information on the programming language, R. The blog covers articles related to new releases, packages, tips for beginners and experts on R.  

  1. R Bloggers

The site aggregates content on R programming. More than 750 R enthusiasts and experts contribute to the website, making it one of the most informative data science blogs on the web. R-bloggers is the place to go if you want to learn how to do data mining, text mining, predictive modeling, predictive analytics and more in the R programming language. 

  1. Analytics Vidhya 

Analytics Vidhya features articles on data science, machine learning, R programming, Python for analytics and more. If you are looking to start your career in or transition it towards data science, then you must read Analytics Vidhya: it truly is one of the best data science blogs out there.  You can also post any queries regarding data science in the forum.

  1. Big Data Made Simple 

Big Data Made Simple is a complete information hub for everyone to keep track of everything in big data space, whether it is news and trends related to companies, technologies, products etc. It is one of the best-curated data science blogs on the web. 

  1. OReilly Media’s Data Science Blog 

There are some amazing articles on data science and Artificial Intelligence on O’Reilly Media’s data science blog. The articles are written by influencers and experts in data science, hence they are technically sound and also share advanced concepts. O’Reilly is well-known for putting on events such as Strata that help define the data science community. 

  1. Hortonworks 

Hortonworks is a big data software company that develops and supports Apache Hadoop. Hortonworks’ blog is a must read for Hadoop users. Not only is it a great source for Hadoop news and releases, but it also contains user guides, case studies, and tutorials on the subject.

  1. Cloudera 

Cloudera is a big data software company. The company’s blog has amazing articles, guides and news on all sorts of open source big data software such as Apache, Hadoop, Kafka, flume, Zookeeper, etc.

  1. Yhat 

Yhat is a data science technology company that allows data scientists to effectively deploy R and Python models into production using APIs. Most of their blog is dedicated to interesting technical tutorials and it is certainly one of the data science blogs that makes for interesting reading material, and it can be a perfect foundation to learn data science. 

  1. Datafloq 

Datafloq is a true goldmine of big data news, opinions, research, advice and commentary for everyone who wants to stay up to date in the data science industry. It is filled with data science resources. 

  1. Big Data University 

Big Data University offers a massive library of tips on all things related to data science and big data. This site is the place to go to for all of the tips and tricks a modern data scientist should know.

  1. Smart Data Collective 

This resource will provide you with help on your path of getting better at data science, machine learning and big data, through expert advice, sound recommendations and insights based on the personal experiences of data science experts. 

  1. Data Science 101

In his blog, Ryan Swanstrom, an advanced analytics trainer at Microsoft, shares all of his experience on how to become a data scientist. The blog is packed with practical tips and valuable advice on becoming a successful data scientist, which makes it a must-read among data science blogs for aspiring data scientists. There is also a lot of material here on open data and other interesting topics in data science. 

  1. Machine Learning Mastery 

Jason Brownlee runs Machine Learning Mastery blog where he teaches everything he knows about Machine Learning. If you want to understand how to implement machine learning algorithms using R or Python, read this blog.

  1. DataTau   

Datatau is an online community for data science enthusiasts. It is often described as the Hacker News for Data Scientists. Here you can data science content at length with community members. 

  1. Edwin Chen’s Blog 

Edwin Chen has worked on ad-quality at Twitter, quantitative analysis at Google, and data science at Dropbox. In his blog, Chen shares the knowledge of recommender systems, analyzing Tweets, and many other aspects every data scientist should know.

  1. Dataquest 

This blog will come in handy if you want to learn Python for data analytics. There is some really good content on different Python data science libraries, Data Engineering and SQ within this blog, which makes it a noteworthy read among the top data science blogs listed here. 

  1. Dataconomy 

Dataconomy is the leading portal for news, events and expert opinion from the world of data driven technology.  It shares deep industry knowledge and experiences, covers the latest data science news through high quality articles and provides honest insights.

  1. Dataschool 

Kevin Markham, a data science expert mentor for Springboard, runs the dataschool blog. The blog mainly features articles on the host of useful Python data science libraries.  There is also amazing content on getting started in data science.

  1. Hunch

In his blog, John Langford, a machine learning professional at Microsoft, shares numerous tips and tricks on machine learning theory. He explains complicated machine learning and statistics concepts in a simple way such that anybody with a computer science background can understand them. 

  1. Fastml 

The blog was started by Zygmunt (an economist) with a vision to make Machine Learning as easy as possible.  The writers of this blog share plenty of useful tips on how to use machine learning to solve complex business problems.

  1. No Free Hunch 

Kaggle is a platform for data science competitions. No Free Hunch, the official blog of Kaggle, has lots of fascinating interviews of Kaggle competition winners, tutorials and data science news.  In these interviews, winners talk about their approach to solve a particular data science problem.

  1. whatsthebigdata

This blog will provide you with the latest news and trends in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. 

  1. Becoming a Data Scientist

As the name suggests, the blog is all about becoming a data scientist. It also features tutorials and how-to articles on data science, which will help you to start a career in data science. Renee, who runs the blog, also interviews data science experts in her podcast.  

  1. FlowingData 

Data storytelling is an essential skill that every data scientist needs in their arsenal. Dr.Nathan Yau, the author of this blog, shows you how to visualize and tell stories with data providing practical design tips complemented by step-by-step tutorials.  

  1. Simply Statistics

This is a very inspiring blog on statistics and data science, based on the advice of Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry, three biostatistics professors. Visit this site and you’ll learn how statistics is used by data scientists in interesting fields such as bioinformatics.

  1. Insight

This blog offers fresh information on transitioning or starting a career in data science or data engineering. The tips and suggestions given in the blog are practical and actionable. This is a must-read for a data science aspirant who needs a little push and a lot of inspiration!

  1. Data Science Report

The site curates videos, free courses, books, TED talks, and articles on various data science topics.  Follow Data Science Report to get useful tips, advice, and ‘how-to’ information on data science.

  1. Tableau 

This company blog shows you how to create beautiful visualizations using Tableau. Some really good visualizations like “how many days a year is China’s air safe to breathe?” and “lessons from crowdsourcing a data set on the women’s march” are featured on the blog, which is one of the most intuitive to follow among all data science blogs. It is a key blog for those interested in business intelligence. 

Want to learn how to tell stories using your data? Subscribe to the Tableau blog. 

  1. DataScienceWeekly

This site delivers a free newsletter straight to your inbox every Thursday, featuring curated news, articles, and data science job openings. Data Science Weekly is a must-read news source for data scientists and related data professionals.

  1. Pete Warden 

Peter Warden, the CTO of, writes about AI, machine learning and deep learning on his blog. He uses screen shots and videos to explain concepts in a simple way to a beginner.  

  1. The Shape of Data

Jesse Johnson, software engineer at Google, writes about machine learning and data analysis concepts in this blog. Most of the articles explain a particular concept in data analysis. You need to have good knowledge of machine learning and statistics to understand the concepts discussed in this blog.

  1. Sebastian Raschka’s blog

Sebastian Raschka is the author of the bestselling book “Python Machine Learning.” He shows how to implement machine learning concepts in Python. You need to have a good knowledge of Python and machine learning to understand his blog posts.


A superb blog that helps you stay aimed at excellence in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Get to know numerous insights and opinions of world-renowned analysts and experts of Machine Learning. Inside Big Data serves as a credible source of information. 

36)  Domino DataLab

Domino Data Lab, a big data analytics company, shows you how companies use machine learning and data science in the real world.  

37) The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog 

Google’s data scientists share their thoughts about data science in this blog in an unofficial manner. The articles are practical tips and guidance for people who are new to data science and also to people who want to get into data science. Reading this blog will help you to understand how machine learning concepts are used in the real world.

38) John D Cook’s blog

John is a well-known expert in statistics. He teaches theoretical statistical concepts in his blog. 

39) Andrew Gelman’s Blog 

Andrew Gelman is the author of six books on statistics and data analysis. In his informative blog, Andrew shares knowledge about data analysis and statistics that every data scientist should know. 

40) Natural language processing blog

Nlpers is the go-to-place for Natural language processing tips and advice. Add this blog to your newsfeed to get helpful updates on Machine Learning and Natural language processing.

41) Mapr

The Mapr blog shares educative and inspiring tips that will come in handy for anybody interested in Map Reduce, Data Science and Big Data technologies. It covers a vast variety of topics (including SQL, Docker, Apache Spark etc.) and shares the advice and thoughts of many industry experts.

42) IBM Big Data Hub

IBM Big Data Hub provides an overwhelming amount of big data tips and advice that are professionally and conveniently packed for data analytics professionals at companies of all sizes. This blog offers an immense amount of value for both beginners and those with more advanced knowledge. 

43) Databricks

The creators of Apache Spark founded Databricks. Databricks’ blog has some exceptional content on Apache Spark and Machine learning. The articles show you how Apache Spark is used with other technologies to process big data quickly and efficiently.

44) Planet BigData

Planet Big Data is an aggregator of blogs about big data, Hadoop, and related topics. They include articles by bloggers worldwide.

45) Dataversity

Dataversity is an e-zine that provides educational resources in data management, big data, data science and BI. The target audience is business and IT professionals. There are webinars, whitepapers, articles and videos on big data on this website.

46) EMC’s Big Data Blog

This is a must-read blog that covers news, trends, tips and tricks in the big data sphere. If you want to get daily updates covering all the aspects of big data, this site is for you.

47) Ap-institute

Bernard Marr, one of the most influential persons in big data sector, is the founder of ap-institute, and he is also the author of several books on big data. He covers all the possible aspects of big data in his blog. If you are looking for practical case studies on big data among these data science blogs, then do visit it regularly.

48) Aryng

Piyanka, the founder of Aryng Analytics, is a renowned expert in business analytics. She also frequently writes for Forbes on analytics. If you are looking to transition to or start a career in analytics, then you must read Aryng’s blog.

49) Think Big Analytics

Think Big Analytics, a Teradata company, is a leading professional services firm focused exclusively on helping a company unlock new insights and value from big data. Experts and contributors of the Think Big Analytics Blog will tell you about all the possible tricks to improve the data science strategy of your company, and much more. Their articles are mostly on forming a great data science team, and creating a big data culture.

50) Big Data Week

Visit the Big Data Week blog to get useful big data tips and advice, such as ways to make an effective data visualization, career roles in big data and more. Reading this blog will greatly improve your knowledge in data.

By following these outstanding data science blogs you’ll keep your pulse on the future of digital science. Are there any data science blogs that you love we missed on our list? Comment below!

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