Updated October 2018 The digital marketing world is full of people looking to make a name for themselves. Here’s a list of 108 digital marketing experts who’ve done so, and are worth following on social media. Meet the Marketing Experts   Neil Patel Why: Neil Patel constantly redefines digital marketing advice with his comprehensive, high-quality […]

Whether you want to land a marketing job at your dream company, launch your own business, or build a side hustle for some extra spending money, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need to know a lot within the digital marketing field. Being successful in digital marketing is a lot like being an orchestra conductor—there’s a […]

Course Report recently spoke to Digital Marketing Career Track graduate Amy Brennen about her passion for nonprofits, the value of mentorship, and how her career has changed since completing the course. Here’s part of that conversation.   What were you up to before attending Springboard? I’ve had quite a varied background working primarily in education and nonprofits. I […]

These days, as you navigate your path through a new field such as digital marketing, you take advantage of myriad online learning resources. You can take free online marketing classes or follow marketing experts on social media. A really valuable addition to your self-learning plan are the TED Talks videos. This is a great place to get started, teaching as well […]

There are many misconceptions about how SEO affects UX and vice versa. On the one hand, you have digital content writers who struggle to grasp broad UX design theories. On the other, you have UX designers who don’t fully grasp the guidelines of SEO-friendly design. There are also people on both sides who prefer to […]

Barbara Kalicki spent 12 years working in the financial services industry before she found herself, accidentally, falling into her first marketing role. “I was tasked with taking over social media and SEO because the manager I was working for at the time had no experience in those areas,” she said. “I’m pretty technically inclined, so […]

The thought of becoming a customer acquisition expert never really occurred to me; I vividly remember sitting in an MBA classroom at the University of New Hampshire on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, when a guest speaker told our class that we should really consider a career in sales. He had a big-wig job, an impressive […]

It should come as no surprise that in 2019, video reigns supreme. In fact, a whopping 45 percent of people watch an hour or more of video on Facebook and YouTube per day, and 43 percent of consumers say they want to see more video content this year. Video is a great medium to invest in […]