User Interface Design (UID) and User Experience Design (UXD), as highly interrelated fields, are at the forefront of companies’ battlegrounds for top talent. In fact, on Glassdoor alone, there are approximately 8,500 UI and 27,000 UX job openings in the United States.

UIDs play a crucial role in modern organizations by leveraging UX practices, and working more closely with engineers, to consistently create and implement the detailed controls and displays that users interface with throughout an experience.

This infographic offers an overview of the User Interface Design role to anyone interested in the following aspects of this exciting career field:

  • Why UIDs are generally needed
  • What they do
  • Their common backgrounds
  • Their skills and technological proficiencies
  • Where they are in demand
  • How much they get paid

Click the image for the full-sized file. Or download the infographic as a PDF here.

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