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25 UX Designers to Follow on Twitter

10 minute read | July 23, 2019
Masooma Memon

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Masooma Memon

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Whether you’re a budding UX designer or an established one, Twitter is a great place to learn and connect with the crème de la crème. You can gather insights, stoke up your inspiration, and stay abreast of what’s trending in the UX and UI fields.

The only catch is, looking for the right people to follow on Twitter can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To ease things for you, we’ve compiled a list of the brightest minds to follow on Twitter. 

Let’s dig in.

1. Steve Krug

Steve Krug is the author of “Don’t Make Me Think,” a book that aims to simplify web usability. Krug is also the mind behind his one-man consulting firm, Advanced Common Sense.

Krug speaks from 20+ years of experience, having worked with clients such as Apple, NPR, and Lexus. Krug tweets updates of his talks, shares relevant resources, and throws in his opinions on UX-related matters too.

2. Laura Klein

Laura Klein has been in the field of UX for over 20 years now, has authored two books (“UX for Lean Startups” and “Build Better Products”), and is the host of two podcasts, What’s Wrong with UX and Engsplaining. Klein is also the principal of Users Know, where she works with early-stage startups to improve their UX, research, and product development processes.

Keep up with her via her Twitter, where she shares updates of her podcasts and workshops alongside her opinion on UX-centered concerns.

3. Jess Eddy

Jess Eddy is a digital product designer living at the intersection of tech, user experience, and design. In her 10 years in the UX design field, Eddy has worked with numerous tech companies and startups. She currently works as a product designer with Cluey Learning.

Eddy is pretty active on Twitter, sharing useful resources and her takes on design-related matters. She also runs UI Goodies, a site that curates design resources. You can also get updates related to it on her Twitter account. Besides that, Jess occasionally asks UX-related questions, which gives you an opportunity to interact with her and learn from others adding to the threads.

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4. Jen Simmons 

Jen Simmons is a member of the CSS Working Group and an independent consultant helping teams implement responsive design processes. She also hosted The Web Ahead podcast, which talked about the future of web and changing technologies.

Her Twitter account is a stream of her opinions on numerous matters with the common theme being CSS Grid. She is a great person to follow if you aim to learn CSS for improving your web design or if you want to know more about how grids can improve design results.

5. Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman is a web designer and design speaker, podcaster, and author. His book with Ethan Marcotte, “Designing with Web Standards,” is on the list of required reading for 85 universities. Zeldman is also the co-founder of a publishing company, A Book Apart, which publishes books for those who create websites.

He also co-founded two design studios: studio.zeldman and Happy Cog. You will get a lot of valuable resources on design from Zelman’s Twitter feed. Occasionally, he shares his writing and thoughts on web design.

6. Kostas Hatzis

Kostas Hatzis is an information architect and UI and UX designer. He is also the founder of software houses Monospace Labs and Web That Matters. His Twitter account offers curated content on web design, UX design, and graphic design.

7. Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is a web thought leader who has designed and built software used by billions of people globally. He is also the author of three books on design. Currently, Wroblewski is the product director at Google.

Additionally, in his 23 years of execution and leadership, he has worked as lead user interface designer at eBay, vice president of design at Yahoo, and a senior interface designer at NCSA. He shares great design resources and sends out thought-provoking tweets on design.

8. Val Head

Val Head is a speaker and senior design advocate at Adobe. She has also authored the book “Designing Interface Animation.” Moreover, Head curates a weekly newsletter called UI Animation Newsletter and co-hosts the podcast Motion and Meaning. You’ll get a lot of interesting user interface design and animation resources on Val’s Twitter account, plus updates on her frequent talks.

9. Aarron Walter

Formerly the director of user experience at MailChimp, Aarron Walter is now the vice president of design education at InVision. He has written three books on web design and user experience as well. What’s more, he is currently working on Walter often shares resources on design and UX. He tweets what he publishes and gives updates on his live appearances and everything rolls out.

10. Mike Kus

Mike Kus is another inspirational UXer to follow. He showcases expertise in web design, photography, illustration, and branding and has worked with prominent clients such as Mailchimp and Twitter. In his 15 years in the creative industry, he has come to be known as a web designer who “seamlessly marries form and function.”

Mike also regularly speaks at design conferences. You can catch his updates on his Twitter account. Additionally, Mike shares his latest works as he adds them to his portfolio. As a UX design aspirant, you can get excellent inspiration here.

11. Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli is a consultant, author, and speaker who has developed five online courses with Udemy. His goal is to teach user experience to government agencies plus Fortune 500 companies.

He has taught over 140,000 students, training teams on implementing UX in their product development processes. His Twitter feed is a well-rounded aggregate of UX resources, tips, and motivational bits for aspiring students.

12. Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer is the head of product strategy at Basecamp, where he has worked for about 15 years. He has designed features that are used by millions and has come up with processes that teams at Basecamp use to design and develop.

Singer has written extensively across the web and has shared his views on UX and UI on several podcasts, interviews, and talk shows. Track more of his thoughts on product management, user experience, and user interface on Twitter. You can also get a rough stream of his design drafts, giving you an inside look at the design process.

13. Elizabeth Churchill 

Also on our list of influential women to follow in tech, Elizabeth Churchill is a director of user experience at Google. She has worked on over 100 peer-reviewed publications, three books, and written widely on numerous topics within design. Her Twitter account gives a steady stream of updates related to her new publications, talks, and more.

14. David Teodorescu 

In addition to his day job as a senior product designer at Fitbit, David Teodorescu is a speaker and writer covering psychology and product design. His focus is on using product thinking, visual design, and interaction design to create products for millions of users. He is also dedicated to curating content on Twitter, making it an excellent account to follow if you are looking for cherry-picked articles on UX design and UI.

15. Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley is a lead designer for InVision Studio Platform. He shares design tutorials on YouTube and has a comic series, The Design Team, which covers the life of a designer. Pablo has also co-founded Carbon Health and curates a design newsletter.

Stanley’s tweets share updates from his design life, colorful illustrations, learning-focused videos, and adorable comics. He also often shares how he creates his comics alongside tips on using design tools.

16. Alyssa X

Alyssa X is a designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Noon Studios, among other ventures. She was recognized as the Best Woman Maker of 2018 by Maker Meg. On top of that, she was nominated as the Maker of the Year by Product Hunt. Her Twitter feed covers all things design as she shares her design process, the design projects she is working on, and much more.

17. Alex Muench

Alex Muench is a senior product designer at Doist, working on the Todoist and Twist apps. Before his time there, he worked with names such as Adidas, Audi AG, Mercedes Benz, Nikon, Euronics, and more as a freelance designer.

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His Twitter account is a positive stream of motivation, tips, and design thoughts. He also occasionally asks interesting design-centered questions, so you can engage with him and learn from others who answer his questions.

18. Nick Babich

Nick Babich is a UX specialist and editor-in-chief of UX Planet. He’s also a speaker and has been published in numerous publications (including Springboard’s Medium). If you’ve been exploring UX blogs, you’ll have seen his name quite frequently. On his Twitter account, Babich shares design tips and tools, user experience best practices, and his longer-form write-ups.

19. Scott Jenson

Scott Jenson is a user interface designer and speaker who brings 20 years of experience to the table. In his career, he has worked with both Apple and Google, being the first person to join the user interface group at Apple and managing mobile UX group Google. He has also worked with other prominent names, such as American Express and Mayo Clinic, plus a few web startups, as a freelance design consultant.

What’s more, Jenson has delivered a TEDx talk, another one to add to your queue alongside these must-watch TED talks on design. His Twitter feed is a slide of mini-lessons in user experience design as he shares UX tips and takes real-life examples and points out what’s wrong in their design. Plus, you can also get updates of Jenson’s talks.

20. Daniel Burka

Daniel Burka is a web designer who is passionate about CSS selectors and interface design. He is currently the director of design at Resolve to Save Lives. Besides that, Burka is the co-founder of the software company Silverorange and is known for his work with Mozilla and Digg. He has been a design partner at Google Ventures too. Stay updated with his latest endeavors and UX design musings and tips on Burka’s Twitter.

21. Golden Krishna

Golden Krishna is a thought leader, lecturer, and design strategist. His book, “The Best Interface Is No Interface,” is a best-seller. Currently, Krishna works on design strategy at Google. Other than that, he has previously collaborated with interesting names such as Zappos and Samsung at their innovation labs.

Krishna’s Twitter account is a rich feed of thoughts on design and tips on what makes user experience great. He highlights the design flaws in practical examples too, so you can learn what makes or ruins the design.

22. Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh is the principal designer at Adobe and vice president of user experience at Wildcard. He has previously worked as the design director at The New York Times Online and he co-founded Behavior, LLC, an award-winning UX design and product strategy studio. In 2011, Fast Company named Vinh among the 50 most influential designers in the U.S.

Vinh has also authored two books and hosts the Wireframe podcast. He frequently tweets his opinions about design changes, shares resources on UX, and gives design tips too.

23. Mike Davidson

Mike Davidson is the vice president of design at InVision. Previously, he held the same role at Twitter, where he built and headed a 100-person design and research team, which was responsible for Twitter’s user experience. Besides that, Mike founded Newsvine, a journalism startup (now acquired) and has also worked with ESPN and Disney, whose media site he helped redesign.

Davidson’s tweets are not design-centered solely. Instead, he shares his opinions about whatever interests him, giving updates on this life and work while talking about design sporadically.

24. Paul Boag

Paul Boag is a user experience consultant, writer, speaker, and author of five books. In two decades of his career, Boag has worked with reputable clients like Oxford University, the European Commission, and Doctors Without Borders.

Boag also co-hosts the podcast Boagworld Podcast with Marcus Lillington, where they discuss different web design topics with their guests. His Twitter feed is rife with his design articles, mainly, plus a sprinkle of his thoughts on user experience.

25. Austin T. Byrd

Austin T. Byrd is a UX designer at Microsoft. He previously worked as a user experience engineer at Transactly and interned at Pixel Press Technology and Centene Corporation.

His Twitter account is a must-follow since he regularly shares his design insights, tips, and resources while tweeting about what the Microsoft design team is up to. A plus point: he writes some motivational tweets too.

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